work in progress <3

some design samples for an animated film :)

turnaround model sheet, 8 year old Luke :~)

I’m doing some character design for Little Catch Studios, these are the few bits I have so far :)  It’s a film based on the story of Luke in the bible, looks pretty sweet so far! :D

I watched Snow White and the Huntsman last night, Kristen Stewart is a real beauty!  But gotto admit that Charlize Theron pretty much stole the show in that movie :D
unfinished sketch that will probably stay unfinished, just practising painting clouds. 
quick turn around sketches for final image :)  
Finished concept :)  Scary tree monster!  Maybe a game boss.. or a race of some evil tree spirits or something.
Getting there :)  He’s turning out to be one of the easiest things I’ve painted in a while, probably  because of all the forethought in his design.  New habit I hope!  Scary tree monster says hi.
Funny how clouds are one of my favourite things, yet one of the hardest things to paint.

Based on stock from DA.