Environment sketch practice.  I’ve got a long way to go, but happy with this :)
Been working on this on and off for weeks based on the sketches I posted recently, an hour here and there :)  Quite happy with this one!  Though obviously now I can see how I could improve it.

I’m at a crossroads, I could take any direction I want and just keep on going.  But I’m still on the crossroad itself, waiting for something to nudge me in the right.. or any, direction.  I don’t mind where I go any more, I sort of learned a long time ago that the journey is fun whichever path you take, and you could go on many more after the first journey is complete

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I’m working on a couple of paintings which should be finished by next week (in between a book cover I need to finish once I get some final notes), and I’ve been drawing on my train journeys to and from work also.  Here’s one of those train journey sketches, with some gradients in photoshop :)
I found this character sketch in an old folder from 2012 and think I might finish the full illustration :D
I started a new sketchbook today, after finally filling up my old one, and began with some warm up sketches based on an awesome rainforest book full of colour photos I got second hand, which sort of inspired the guy on the right :)  Enjoy
random digital sketches/thumbnails, I do a lot of these in my sketchbook too!

Sorry for my slow updates recently, I’ve been working on a play with my local amateur dramatics society in which I was a main character and the wardrobe mistress, so I’ve been a busy bee!  But, I shall now be back to drawing and painting full steam, with an aim to start applying for jobs and internships! Time to take my work to another level I think, there’s so much to learn and so much I want to do, so please wish me luck :D  And I hope you carry on enjoying my work as much as I enjoy creating it!

Jodie <3

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quick warm up sketch :)  I&#8217;m looking forward to summer!